£10 per session*

 Each class session is delivered to a maximum of     12 students.


* This is paid at the start of each 6 or 7 week block.

   In line with school term times.

Both group and 1-1 sessions are Matwork based and use a variety of equipment.

All equipment is supplied. 

Personal One to One Pilates

Please call to discuss one to one tuition either in a studio or your home.

For further information click on the 1:1 link at the top of the page.

1 - 1 sessions for 1 Hour     -       £40


1 - 2 sessions for 1 hour      -      £60

​For Small groups of 3 or 4 in your home or studio.

Please enquire re pricing.

One to one sessions are ideal for clients with specific medical conditions such as lower back, shoulder and general joint problems, or for those clients wanting quicker results. 

Focused attention through a bespoke pilates exercise plan will ensure results are achieved sooner with concentrated and targeted exercise, designed by an experienced Body Control Pilates Instructor.